HYDRA Blacks with HYDRA Skin Pair


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Size  Upper Calf Circumference
XS     29  –  33cm
S        33 – 35cm
M       35 – 37cm
L        37 – 40cm
XL      40 – 43cm
XXL    43 – 46cm
XXXL  46 – 50cm
XXXXL 54 – 57cm

The Hydra Black knee pad benefits varied training, work and sports that requires both agility, support and protection.

The construction of this product is engineered with a unique shape, securing an anatomical fit. The shape allows for a safe, optimal range of motion. This creates a combined mental and physical frame to keep your body moving towards strength and stability– instead of injury. The knee support will guide your body to move correctly without limiting muscle development around your knee. This product combines the key benefits of stability, compression, warmth, impact protection and cut/abrasive protection.

Key Details:
• Prevent injuries by protecting your joints and soft tissues
•Compression – increases blood flow and keeps joint warm
•Stabilizes and supports knee in a full range of motion
• 40% more padding for added impact protection
• Hydra Skin – cut and abrasion resistant
• Lock stitching – to increase product durability
•29% less material behind the knee for increased flexibility
•Low profile design – allows product to be worn under pants comfortably

Joint Support and Stability:
• Engineered for varied training, work and sports ;

circuit training

• Construction allows for safe, optimal range of motion
• Improves muscle control and coordination
• Stays in place while you workout
• Provides a mental and physical feeling of safety
Flexible Compression:
• Enables you to be agile and doesn’t restrict your movement
• Warms and maintains muscle temperature as you train
• Reduces wasted muscle energy
• Promotes blood flow to reduce inflammation and enhance recovery
• Lessens strains on knees during high-intensity training
• Helps to correctly guide your body’s movements

• Anterior knee pain syndrome and patellofemoral pain syndrome
• Strains and wear-and-tear injuries
• Knee pain
• Soft tissue overload

• Machine washable, warm; mesh delicate bag recommended


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